The zinojumi.fid.gov.lv e-service has been created to enable reporting entities and other parties to submit reports of suspicious transactions or threshold declarations to the Financial Intelligence Unit of Latvia. 

A report on suspicious transactions contains information about the activities or transactions of a client/clients that raises suspicion of the funds used in these activities/transactions were directly/indirectly obtained through criminal means, or a related to the financing of terrorism or proliferation or an attempt to such activities. More details about the reporting procedure are provided here.

The threshold declaration contains information about a transaction effected during a previous period by reporting entities or its client, whereby the transaction meets one or multiple criteria specified in applicable laws and regulations. More details about submitting a threshold declaration are provided here


A report or threshold declaration may be submitted electronically by uploading a pre-made XML file, or by filling in an online form.  


 In order to submit a report or a threshold declaration to the Financial Intelligence Unit of Latvia, the reporting entities must request the registration of their regular reporter’s account (used in a long-term). A long-term account enables timely provision of information and communication with the Financial Intelligence Unit of Latvia, and access to the information that is only available on the website to the Reporting entities. 

The zinojumi.fid.gov.lv website also makes it possible for parties that are not reporting entities according to the Law to submit a report. The account for submitting a report must be created by the party submitting the report, using the registration procedure in the system. Such user-generated accounts are temporary, and are automatically deleted after 48 hours. 

During 2021/2022, the e-service zinojumi.fid.gov.lv will be replaced with the new international goAML reporting system.