Reporting system goAML

The Financial Intelligence Unit of Latvia is in transition to a new reporting application called goAML which is being developed by the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime. To date, the goAML XML reporting schema (XSD) has been adapted to Latvian requirements and a test environment launched.


In compliance with the provisions of Cabinet Regulation 576 “Regarding the 2020–2022 plan of measures to prevent money laundering, terrorism and proliferation financing” of 29 September 2020, the initial version of the XSD documentation was published on 31 October 2020.


The test environment of the reporting application is available at


We encourage everyone to take the opportunity and try the application. First, apply for your user account. You may register as an individual or with an organisation. Once the account is activated, try submitting reports on suspicious transactions or threshold declarations.

Registration of Users (22.10.2021.)

User Account Management (08.07.2021.)

Transactions in goAML (07.01.2022)

Reporting (18.10.2021.)

Correspondence With the FIU (05.10.2021.)

Enumerations (12.01.2022.)

Enumerations in machine readable format

Nature of Business Activities (NACE v.2 codes)

XSD Documentation v.1.4.1 (17.01.2022.)