Indicators of corruption and case analysis


It has been acknowledged that corruption on national and municipality level level poses a high money laundering threats.*

In 2021, the FIU Latvia established a public-private partnership – cooperation coordination group** - to bring together experts from the Corruption Prevention and Combating Bureau, the Prosecution Office of the Republic of Latvia and major credit institutions for joint and regular work in order to develop a common understanding of corruption at all stages, from the detection of a suspicious transaction to the conviction.


As a result, a document “Indicators of corruption and case analysis” has been developed, which summarises indicators of corruption and/or money laundering, as well as provides analyses of specific corruption cases. The document analyses case studies compiled by foreign countries and international organisations, as well as cases of corruption detected in Latvia. The material is a valuable tool in the further work of credit institutions and law enforcement authorities in detecting and investigating corruption.


The document is available here: 

Indicators of corruption and case analysis.



*According to National ML/TF/PF risk assessment (available on FIU Latvia website).

**The Law on the Prevention of Money Laundering and Terrorism and Proliferation Financing (Article 55(2)) provides legal basis of cooperation coordination group (public-private partnership).

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A valuable tool has been developed to detect and investigate corruption


A valuable tool has been developed to detect and investigate corruption