About us

The Financial Intelligence Unit of Latvia is an independent authority supervised by the Cabinet of Ministers; it’s responsibility lies with prevention of money laundering in Latvia, with the goal of eliminating the possibility of using the Latvian financial system to launder money or finance terrorism.


The main task of the Financial Intelligence Unit of Latvia is to collect and analyse financial data, reports of suspicious transactions, in order to hand this information over to Latvian law enforcement authorities to investigate cases of money laundering and terrorism and proliferation financing. 


For its own needs and the needs of its partners, the Financial Intelligence Unit of Latvia develops specialised studies covering the risks, trends, amounts and latest methods employed in money laundering and terrorism financing; the Financial Intelligence Unit of Latvia collects information and prepares a National money laundering and terrorism financing prevention risk assessment report. 


In addition to its intelligence and strategic analysis functions, the Financial Intelligence Unit of Latvia operates a private and public cooperation coordination group whose purpose is to coordinate the activities of official bodies conducting operational measures, investigation authorities, State Revenue Service, prosecutor’s office, reporting entities according the Law on the Prevention of Money Laundering and Terrorism and Proliferation Financing, and supervisory and controlling authorities. 


Being a member of the Egmont Group, the international organisation of financial intelligence authorities, the Financial Intelligence Unit of Latvia maintains a mutual exchange of information with its counterpart institutions in other countries.  


What is an FIU? from Egmont Group of FIUs on Vimeo.


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